Across our platforms, we implement the same strategic approach to investing.

Implement Our Process-Driven Approach to Value Creation

World Class is committed to operational excellence in each of our businesses. We use a process-driven approach to long-term value creation which is focused on maximizing value and cost efficiencies in each business. Our management teams work to improve profitability at our businesses with a constant pursuit of excellence.

Capitalize on Growth Opportunities in Our Existing Businesses

Our exceptional portfolio of businesses provides significant growth opportunities. We continually invest in our businesses as compelling opportunities arise, and use our existing businesses as platforms for additional acquisitions of companies in the same or complementary fields.

Strategic Acquisitions of New Businesses and Assets

We seek to acquire undervalued businesses and assets that benefit from our flexible capital, extensive global network, operational expertise, and long-term investment horizon. World Class has a proven track record as a contrarian investor, and targets special situations where we see opportunity for long-term value creation. We are a control-oriented investor and only make significant investments in businesses where we have control.