Real Estate Securities

Our global Real Estate Securities strategy seeks to identify mispriced investments across a broad range of real estate securities by executing our investment process that combines our direct knowledge of real estate assets and markets globally with extensive research and proprietary valuation tools. These securities include, but are not limited to, CMBS, including CMBS B-pieces, CLOs, and equity and debt securities of publicly-traded REITs and real estate companies.

Our investment professionals have significant experience in evaluating, purchasing and managing real estate securities. We seek to generate current income while preserving capital through investments in a diversified portfolio of real estate equity and debt securities. Through rigorous vetting that begins at the individual property level and moves all the way up to macroeconomic factors, our real estate securities investments are thoroughly underwritten and reviewed in making value-oriented investments. Our flexible capital allows us to move expeditiously as we see opportunities that fit our investment criteria.